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Repair, refresh, or replace your Industrial Roof.

Industrial Roof Repair

North Carolina Industrial Roof Contractors

Our experienced technicians specialize in industrial roof repair for manufacturing plants, warehouses, factories, and other industrial facilities.

We understand the unique needs and roof systems of industrial buildings. Our crew completes an industrial roof inspection to pinpoint leaks and damage. From minor punctures and cracks to major structural damage, our team can help you.

We also provide preventative maintenance like roof coatings to extend the roofs lifespan and improve weatherproofing.

Contact us if you need prompt, specialized service for your industrial roof repairs and maintenance.

Industrial Roof Coating

Refresh Your Aging Industrial Roof Affordably with Coating

Industrial facility managers deal with enough headaches without constant roof leaks and repairs. While total replacement may seem inevitable for aging roofs, roof coatings provide an affordable alternative to extend your roof's life by 10-15 years or more.

At We Coat, we specialize in industrial roof coating application for manufacturing plants, warehouses, distribution centers and other industrial properties across the Carolinas. Read on to learn how coatings can benefit your older industrial roof.

Industrial Roof Coat

Why Coatings Work for Industrial Roofs

Industrial roofs endure punishing conditions year-round. Extreme heat, heavy rain, moisture, and fluctuating temperatures accelerate aging of roof materials. Without interruption, factors like thermal cycling, degraded seals, and punctures cause roof failure.

**PolyGlass roof coatings protect industrial roofs by:**

- Reinforcing membrane integrity over vulnerable areas

- Waterproofing seams, joints, penetrations prone to leaking

- Reflecting UV rays before they degrade roof components 

- Remaining flexible to resist cracks from expansion/contraction

- Resisting ponding water, moisture damage, and standing water

- Concealing stains, blemishes for an improved aesthetic 

In short, coatings preserve the waterproofing abilities of aging industrial roofing, preventing leaks, deterioration, and the need for replacement. Facility managers rest easy knowing their roof will hold up for years to come.

Our service area

What Makes We Coat The Right Roofing Choice

With successful industrial roof coating projects completed across the Carolinas, We Coat delivers proven solutions.

We Only Use Premium Coating Products

Our Polyglass brand acrylic and silicone coatings are designed to endure decades of punishing weather and industrial conditions. You get superior longevity compared to cheap water-based options.

Our Crews Are Specially Trained 

Proper preparation, application at proper thickness, and maintaining safe practices during installation are all critical for coatings to deliver maximum results. Our crews are trained to meticulously coat your roof right the first time. 

The Process Won't Disrupt Operations

We complete most coatings applications in just 1-2 days. Your facility stays open without shutting down production lines or moving inventory. It’s a smooth and non-invasive process.

We Handle All The Details

From pulling required permits to arranging your final inspection, we take care of everything required to get your new coating approved and protected by manufacturer warranty. 

Quick, Fair Proposals

Our consultants will inspect your industrial roof and requirements, then provide a detailed coating quote promptly. We take the guesswork out of the cost.

Trust We Coat to revitalize your industrial roof the right way – contact us about your North Carolina or South Carolina facility today.

Roof Coating Benefits

What Industrial Facilities Can Benefit from Coatings?

We Coat has coated a wide variety of industrial buildings across the Carolinas. If your roof deck is structurally sound, we can likely apply a protective coating regardless of existing membrane type.

Some of the industrial facilities we commonly service include:

- Manufacturing Plants (automotive, aerospace, textiles, plastics, furniture, etc.)
- Food and Beverage Processing Facilities
- Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Complexes
- Paper Product Manufacturing Plants
- Electrical Equipment Production Warehouses
- Distribution Centers and Fulfillment Warehouses
- Chemical Processing Factories
- Power Generation Facilities
- Oil Refineries and Fuel Depots

And any other industrial building with an aging commercial roof in need of restoration. Talk to our consultants about your specific property's needs.

Save with Industrial Roof Coating

Protect Your Asset and Save with Industrial Roof Coatings

Compared to spending hundreds of thousands on a full roof replacement, coatings make sense for industrial facility budgets. An investment in roof coating provides immense returns by:


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