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The Benefits of Proactive Commercial Roof Maintenance

For commercial property managers, being proactive with roof maintenance makes far more financial and operational sense than waiting for issues to arise before repairing. The first step is as simple as an inspection.

But what constitutes an effective maintenance plan? Read on to learn the benefits of scheduled roof maintenance and why a preventative coating is the best way to avoid major expenses down the road.

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The High Cost of Reactive Roof Repair

For busy facility managers, the temptation is to address roof issues reactively, as they arise. But this approach costs substantially more in the long run compared to scheduled maintenance.

- Emergency leak repairs are 2-3X normal costs for after hours service - Rush repairs often rely on stopgap measures instead of long-term solutions
- By the time leaks appear, underlying damage is usually extensive
- Replacing entire roof sections or the whole roof prematurely becomes necessary
- You lose any leverage to obtain competitive contractor bids during emergencies

Don’t wait until disaster strikes. Arm yourself with the power of prevention through proactive maintenance.

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Why Roof Coatings Are Ideal Preventative Maintenance

The smart facility managers are using roof coatings as the cornerstone of their maintenance plans even before major issues emerge. Here’s why:

- High-quality acrylic or silicone coatings extend the roof’s useful life by 10-15 years or more for a fraction of replacement cost. Roof tear-off is avoided.

- The thick, reflective coating membrane adds another waterproof barrier. Small cracks and vulnerabilities are bridged to prevent future leaks.

- Unlike patch repairs, coatings cover the entire roof surface for comprehensive protection.

- Coatings restore aged roofs to like-new condition before extensive damage occurs.

Regular re-coating as part of your maintenance plan keeps the roof protected and outperforms all other options for longevity and value.

Roof Coatings - A Sustainable Choice

Beyond financial benefits, roof coatings are an environmentally friendly maintenance solution:

- Coating your aging roof avoids disposal of roof tear-off waste in landfills

- Manufacturers formulate coatings using minimal volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

- Reflective white coatings reduce the urban heat island effect by reflecting sunlight

For facility managers looking to reduce environmental impact, coatings check all the boxes as a sustainable choice that extends roof life.

Contact Us for Proactive Commercial Roof Maintenance

Don’t leave your roof vulnerable to spiraling deterioration. Be proactive with a maintenance plan focused on prevention.

We Coat offers:

- Comprehensive maintenance plans customized for your commercial roof

- Infrared cameras and advanced leak detection to spot hidden issues

- Free semi-annual inspections and recommendations from our experts

- Preventative roof coating applications to protect your investment

Take control of your roof’s destiny through proactive care. Call us today to discuss a tailored maintenance plan that adds years of life to your commercial roof.

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